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The Biegs Chat Room

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To Logon:
To enter this chat room click on "Enter Chat Room!" above and then log in as follows:

For example:
First and Last name is one word and start with caps.  Use maiden name!

Once in the Chat Room, type your text to the right of the "say it" button, and press enter or "Say it" to send your message. You can also press "refresh" at any time to check for new messages, if it seems to be taking too long.


If you really get stuck, just call me or send me an instant message if you have AOL.

If you want to chat using a mic or cam via netmeeting, here are the instructions.

  1. Start Microsoft Netmeeting
    If you can't find Netmeeting on your computer, then click, Start and then Find files and folders. Then enter conf.exe to find the netmeeting conf.exe file. Once found, double click on the file to start netmeeting.
  2. If first time, then enter in profile information.
    Specify directory as:
  3. To place a call, click on Call, then click on Directory, then double click on the person you want to call.

If you don't have Microsoft Netmeeting, or you would like to upgrade to Version 3, then click here to download it from Microsoft.

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
Use AIM to send instant messages to anyone on AOL or AIM. Works just like the AOL buddy list, for those who don't have AOL.