E-mail Directory

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Donna's Family and Friends
Stuart & Donna (stuartbake@aol.com)
Donna at IBM (bieg@us.ibm.com)
Donna's Pager (4823416@skytel.com)

The Entire Bieg Family (biegs@egroups.com)
Amber (abieg@hotmail.com)
Carole (cbieg@hotmail.com)
Christina (christinabieg@aol.com)
Dan (dbieg1215@aol.com)
Doug (dtietema@U.Arizona.edu)
Jack (jackfahn@aol.com)
Jackie (jhepler@tourism.state.wi.us)
Jackie's Kids (Heps2855@hotmail.com)
Jeanne (jschattler@hotmail.com)
Jim (jpbieg@Rodey.com)
Katie (Tietema@U.Arizona.edu)
Laura (moninskl@avenew.com)
Rebecca (mrbieg@roadrunner.net)
Rick (ricbieg@aol.com)
Sereti (sereti@hotmail.com)
Bob Warden (RWarden104@aol.com)

Rocky (rockyrk@juno.com)
Mike Sands (sandcg@aol.com)
Connie (socc4schu@aol.com)
Carm (bondeson@email.msn.com)
Lianne Luckett (luck@anet.com)
Sue McCoppin (sumacs@earthlink.net)
Julie Schuld (julieschuld@compuserve.com)
Cindy Pavlick (earthart31@hotmail.com)
Sue Pavlick (suepoovie@aol.com)

Anna Blomberg (anna_blomberg@hotmail.com)
Hyke Vygen (a2994020@smail1.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE)
Beata Apli (cophouse@free.mhs.ch)
Stuart's Family and Friends
Stuart & Donna (stuartbake@aol.com)
Stuart at School StuartB@SunnysideUD.K12.AZ.US)

Bob Baker (baker@dakotacom.net)
Elizabeth (kbethel@azstarnet.com)
Lauren & John (ringo@frontiernet.net)
Larry and Yvonne (lymdiamond@bc.sympatico.ca)
Sarah Diamond (Sara_Diamond@BanffCentre.AB.CA)
Michael Swit (mswit@erols.com)

John Freedom (jfreedom@juno.com)

Chat On-line

Here are three different ways that you can chat on-line:
  • The Biegs Chat Room   Start the Chat Now (Today at 12pm)

    To Logon:
    To enter this chat room click on "Enter Chat" above and then log in as follows:

    • Handle: Type your first and last (Maiden) name as one word. Start your first and last name with a capital letter.
    • Password: (SAME AS HANDLE) Type your first and last (Maiden) name as one word. Start your first and last name with a capital letter.
    For example:
    Handle is BarbTietema, Password is BarbTietema


    • Rebecca, Eddie, and Joey, use "EddieandJoey" as your handle and password.
    • If any of you are unable to login, then just click on the sign up here link on the login screen to create a new handle and password.
  • NetMeeting
    If you want to chat using a mic or cam via netmeeting, here are the instructions.
    1. Start Microsoft Netmeeting
      If you can't find Netmeeting on your computer, then click, Start and then Find files and folders. Then enter conf.exe to find the netmeeting conf.exe file. Once found, double click on the file to start netmeeting.
    2. If first time, then enter in profile information.
      Specify directory as: ils.devx.com.
    3. To place a call, click on Call, then click on Directory, then double click on the person you want to call.

    If you don't have Microsoft Netmeeting, or you would like to upgrade to Version 3, then click here to download it from Microsoft.

  • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
    Use AIM to send instant messages to anyone on AOL or AIM. Works just like the AOL buddy list, for those who don't have AOL.